Windows 11 KB5028185 Update Released with Moment 3 features

Windows 11 KB5028185 Update Released with Moment 3 features

Microsoft has released Windows 11 KB5028185 update that resolves several issues and this update and comes with Moment 3 features. Installing this update via Windows Update will turn on hidden Windows 11 Moment 3 features.

KB5028185 is the July patch Tuesday updatereleased for Windows 11, and it’s a big cumulative update containing lots of security improvements. The update fixes over 70 vulnerabilities and over 30 remote code execution flaws in existing Microsoft products. It is a mandatory security update, and it will download or install automatically in the coming days or when you check for updates.

TheWindows 11 Moment 3 update (KB5028185)adds a slew of new features. The ability to see seconds in the system tray clock, a new VPN status icon in the system tray. Access key shortcuts in File Explorer, new settings for USB4 devices and presence sensors, and support for new languages in live captions are among the highlights.

Microsoft has been pushing some new features via monthly cumulative updates, also known as “Moments” or “Windows 11 feature drops,” because it doesn’t want the operating system to get stale. Microsoft has so far released three of these updates since 2021, and it plans to release a fourth in the autumn of 2023.

Ways to install the KB5028185 Update on Windows 11

Broadly, there are three ways to install the Windows 11 KB5028185 Update.

  1. Automatic Installation using Windows Update11:在你的Windows电脑,检查更新和运行install this update through Windows Update.
  2. Manual installation using Offline Installer: Download the Windows 11 KB5028185 offline installer viaMicrosoft Update catalogand install it.2023-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5028185).
  3. Using SCCM (ConfigMgr): You can deploy the KB5028185 Update for Windows 11 machines using SCCM. Refer to the guide ondeploying software updates using Configuration Manager.
Download Windows 11 KB5028185 Offline Installer
Download Windows 11 KB5028185 Offline Installer

New Features in Windows 11 KB5028185 Update

Installing the KB5028185 update via Windows Update will turn on hidden Windows 11 Moment 3 features. In addition, the following new features and security improvements have been added to this update.

  • This update enablesContent Adaptive Brightness Control (CABC)to run on laptops and 2-in-1 devices.
  • With this update, the system tray gains a VPN status icon in the form of a tiny shield. When you are connected to a verified VPN profile, it appears.
  • After installing the KB5028185 update, you can quickly copy two-factor authentication (2FA) codes thanks to a copy button.
  • The system tray clock now has the option to show seconds.
  • Live kernel memory dump (LKD) collection from Task Manager is now available thanks to this update. You can use LKD to gather information to investigate a problem while the OS is still operating.
  • 这个更新添加multi-app亭模式,这是一个lockdown feature. If you are an administrator, you can specify the apps that can run on a device. Other apps will not run.
  • This update adds a USB4 hubs and devices Settings page. You can view the tree of the connected USB4 hubs and devices and copy details to the clipboard to share them.
  • The KB5028185 update adds a presence sensor privacy setting inSettings>Privacy & security>Presence sensing. If you have a device that has compatible presence sensors, you can now choose the apps that can access those sensors.
  • Improves the performance of search within Settings.
  • Changes the default print screen (prt scr) key behavior. Pressing the print screen key opens theSnipping Toolby default. You can turn off this setting fromSettings>Accessibility>Keyboard.
  • Addresses an issue that affects the on-screen keyboard. The issue stops it from opening after you lock the machine.
  • This update addresses a video flickering issue that impacts certain apps.
  • Resolves the File Explorer stopping issues and improves the cloud suggestion and the integrated search suggestion.

Installing the KB5028185 on Windows 11

You can install the KB5028185 update on your Windows 11 via Windows Update. To get this update, go toSettings>Windows Updateand runCheck for Updates. This will fetch the latest updates applicable for your Windows 11 and download the KB5028185 update. Once you see the2023-07 Cumulative Update for Windows 11 Version 22H2 for x64-based Systems (KB5028185), clickInstall. This will install the update and your computer will reboot to complete the update installation.

Install Windows 11 KB5028185 Update
Install Windows 11 KB5028185 Update

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